About Our School

Core Values

  1. Integrity
    1. Uncompromising adherence to professional ethics and principles
    2. Cultivating or demonstrating trust and honesty in how we relate to each other / in all encounters and situations
    3. Awareness of how we interact with one another as human beings – this means, to be honest, trust the good intentions of our colleagues, show up authentically
    4. The courage to stand where you’re standing and the tenacity to hold what you believe
    5. Professional and personal

  2. Transparency --- alternatively, Open and Inclusive
    1. Clear, open, honest communication
    2. Inclusion in decision-making
    3. Full, accurate, timely disclosure of information
    4. Group power and group decision-making, in terms of how we operate as a group and how we teach empowerment
    5. Courage

  3. Respect
    1. Dignity, worth
    2. Unconditional positive regard

  4. Empathy
    1. Compassion

  5. Innovative Excellence
    1. Moving forward with a spirit of scientific inquiry, teaching innovation, and a broader view of “what belongs” to Social Work
    2. Passionate, systematic curiosity and inquiry
    3. Inspiring innovation in our students
    4. Academic excellence; thinking differently about problems and solutions
    5. Recognizing how we act within larger systems and seeking interdisciplinary collaborations – Integrated thinking, ecosystems perspective
    6. Being relevant, timely, and responsive
    7. Integrated knowledge
    8. Community of knowledge seekers
    9. Passionate curiosity

  6. Social Action / Service / Active Engagement (or Framework or Lens)
    1. Unwavering commitment to creating change
    2. ACTING towards or in the spirit of social justice
    3. Commitment to action, to improvement, to change
    4. Bring change agents
    5. Being responsive to changing landscapes; Being aware of constantly changing contexts/variables and fluid in our responses