Diversity and Human Rights Committee

Diversity Committee Members

2016-17 committee

In conceptual thought, "diversity" is a commitment to acknowledging and embracing the myriad characteristics that make each of us exceptional, within an atmosphere that promotes and celebrates individual and collective achievement. The Diversity and Human Rights Committee recognizes the need to welcome and honor people of all races, genders, creeds, cultures, and sexual orientations, while valuing intellectual curiosity and integrity.

Working together to promote social justice and social change through engaging scholarship, teaching, and community service, the Committee seeks to understand, celebrate, and embrace diversity. The Committee also provides leadership and direction to the School of Social Work for implementation of diversity initiatives in accordance with its diversity plan.

2016-17 Committee Members

Heather Arnold-Renicker

Heather Arnold-Renicker, M.S.W.


Heather is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Social Work. Heather started her career in 2002 as a case manager in a rape crisis center in Boulder, where her passion for anti-oppressive practice emerged. Heather has also been focusing on developing and facilitating anti-oppression training for local and national organizations, and consulting with organizations that want to change their internal policies and practices to better support staff of color, staff who are LGBTQ, and staff from other marginalized identity groups. Heather’s research interests are to better understand the impact of white supremacist culture on social justice nonprofit organizations, and the impact of other dominant social identities on the culture, policies, and practices of nonprofit and social service organizations.

Eunhee Choi

Eunhee Choi, MSW, PhD

Assistant Professor
(970) 491-7854

Dr. Choi joined the CSU faculty in fall of 2013. Her main areas of research interest are aging, racial inequality, health disparity, and policy, particularly for older workers and volunteers under the perspective of productive aging. She is currently involved in research examining racial inequality among older workers including Whites, Blacks, and Latinos, within the theoretical framework of cumulative advantage/disadvantage. She also served older people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds as a social worker at Migrant Resource Center in Melbourne, Australia, providing home and community care programs.

Israa Eldeiry

Israa Eldeiry

Israa is a senior studying Social Work at Colorado State University. She identifies as an Egyptian-American Muslim Woman. Israa does a lot of community work with youth who identify within minority groups in her community and face struggles in representing their voices while navigating society. She occasionally pursues freelance writing during her free time, for articles and blogs promoting social justice and social awareness. Israa is part of the Muslim Student Association at CSU, previously serving as president for three years. She is also an active member of Fort Collins for Progress, the Multi-Faith & Belief Student Council at CSU, and the Islamic Center of Fort Collins. Israa is is currently doing Field Education Internship at Putnam Elementary School of Science. After she graduates, she hopes to continue gaining experience in the social work field with children for a year before getting her Master degree in Social Work.

Evan Lowe

Evan Lowe, M.S.W.

Academic Success Coordinator
(970) 491-1198

Mr. Lowe joined the CSU staff in Fall 2016, after receiving both his B.S.W. and M.S.W. from Colorado State University. He has worked with at-risk juveniles through the Adams County Juvenile Assessment Center, as well as through the Denver Housing Authority’s Youth Employment Academy. His interestes include include higher education, African-American community development, juvenile justice, youth and family development, and community poverty. By promoting social justice, Mr. Lowe hopes to create notions of inclusiveness on campus as well as in the greater community.

Brenda Miles

Brenda Miles, M.S.W.

BSW Program Director and Instructor
(970) 491-2314

Brenda K. Miles, Instructor and B.S.W. Program Director, joined the Colorado State University faculty in 1990. Ms. Miles received her MSSW from the University of Tennessee in 1977. She began working as a social worker with a bachelor’s degree in 1975. With over 37 years of experience, she has worked in the fields of developmental disabilities, learning problems, and families and children. Another area of interest has been in administration of social work agencies. She has been employed in child development, medical education, training and day activity for adults with developmental disabilities, and state and agency administration.

Faith Nielsen

Faith Nielsen

Faith Nielsen is a Senior in the B.S.W. program and plans to pursue her M.S.W. and LCSW to work in clinical social work. She is passionate about helping students from diverse backgrounds pursue a college education. Faith currently volunteers for the Gilman Scholarship Foundation and has her Senior Internship with the Reisher Scholarship Foundation at CSU, both of which aim to diversify the college experience and provide equal opportunities. She is also a Certified Yoga Instructor who has worked with at-risk youth, older adults, low income families, and homeless populations. She believes that yoga has many benefits to the field of social work and wants to merge the gap between the two fields. It is her long term goal to provide the Fort Collins community with Yoga Therapy from a social work perspective.

Emma Reust

Emma Reust

Emma is currently a student in the B.S.W. program with a minor in Anthropology. She graduated from Polaris Expeditionary Learning School in Fort Collins in 2013. Within the CSU community, she has been a member of the Key Communities, a student mentor for Key Explore, and a School of Social Work Student Ambassador. Emma is also a member of Delta Alpha Pi (DAPi), an honor society founded to recognize high-achieving students with disabilities. Emma is interested in studying and understanding how and why people react to trauma and traumatic events. Because of this interest, she plans on working with people and populations experiencing PTSD.

Malcolm Scott

Malcolm Scott, MSW, PhD

Assistant Professor
(970) 491-5818

Dr. Malcolm E. Scott, Assistant Professor, joined the Colorado State University School of Social Work faculty in the spring of 2006. Dr. Scott received his Ph.D. in Education and Human Resource Studies in 2005 (Interdisciplinary – Education/Social Work), and his M.S.W. from Colorado State in 2001, and a B.S.W. degree from Southern University (Baton Rouge, LA) in 1999. Dr. Scott has been employed in many settings within the university and has worked in the areas of youth and community research, diversity and cultural competence, and organizational culture and development.

Henry Seen

Henry Seen

Henry Seen was born in the Philippines. At the age of 12, Henry moved to Anchorage, Alaska, graduated high school, and enlisted in the Army where he served for 27 years. In 2014, Henry enrolled in the School of Social Work with the goal of working with families and adolescents to find different ways to achieve better outcomes.

Marie Villescas-Zamzow

Marie Villescas-Zamzow, M.S.W., LCSW

BSW Advisor and Instructor
(970) 491-3120

Ms. Villescas-Zamzow identifies as a strong Hispanic cisgender woman with the pronouns of “she, her, and hers.” She is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusive spaces, and teaches a diversity class for the School of Social Work, sharing the value of understanding privilege and oppression. She has worked in the field of social work for 24 years, specializing in clinical work with children, families, and groups. For the past ten years, Ms. Villescas-Zamzow has worked for the Department of Human Services with abused and neglected youth and their families. This history of work has increased her passion and dedication to the field, and the marginalized populations it serves.

Paula Yuma

Paula Yuma, M.P.H., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
(970) 491-1906

Dr. Yuma is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at Colorado State University. Prior to joining CSU, Dr. Yuma completed a post-doctoral fellowship with a dual appointment in the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Yuma studies the effects of environmental, economic, and social characteristics of neighborhoods on the health and well-being of individuals. She has published most recently in the journal Pediatrics and the Journal of Trauma and Critical Care Surgery. Dr. Yuma has teaching experience in the areas of research methods and theory, and enjoys taking social work students into the community for service-learning.