About Our School

Guiding Principles

social work students

The School of Social Work has the following Guiding Principles

  1. The School stands for courageous and resolute adherence to professional ethics and values by honoring commitments and upholding the highest standards of academic and scientific integrity.

  2. The School is committed to academic rigor, seeking to define and address emerging social challenges thru interdisciplinary collaboration and critical inquiry that inspires innovation.

  3. The School respects, honors, and values individual differences and diverse ideas. Using a lens of intersectionality, each person is treated with dignity, care, and respect.

  4. The School cultivates a trusting and transparent environment through inclusive planning and decision-making with full, accurate, and timely communication of information.

  5. The School proactively responds to emerging trends and issues through social engagement and experiential learning, which are integrated in all aspects of our teaching, research, and service.