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Social work students

As a SSW graduate, you’re a member of an accomplished and caring professional community of more than 3,200 social work alumni working to advance social, environmental, and economic justice, promote equity and equality, alleviate oppression, and enhance human health and well-being across local and global community systems.

We help our social work graduates find jobs, receive support and shared expertise through mentoring, and stay in touch with lifelong friends. Alumni also serve as field instructors, guest lecturers, and workshop presenters for current programs. If you’re a recent grad or about to become one, we invite you to get involved!


Our annual print newsletter is mailed or emailed to all alumni, and past issues are stored on the SSW Newsletters archive page. To change your delivery preference, contact

Employment opportunities, professional development course information, and events are posted to the CSU Social Work Alumni Network Facebook group.

We also send news updates via email. To update your email address, please use the CSU Alumni Association update form.


Employers contact the SSW throughout the year looking for our graduates. Opportunities range from entry level to executive director positions. Job openings are posted to the SSW Social Work Alumni Facebook group and CSU Social Work Alumni Network LinkedIn group as soon as possible.


Official transcripts can be ordered directly from the Registrar. If you are a recent grad, be sure to check your unofficial transcript first, to be sure that all grades and/or your degree have been posted before ordering your official transcript. Detailed instructions are available on the Registrar’s transcripts information page.


Graduate certificate programs provide an opportunity to enhance marketability in competitive fields. Each certificate is designed to give students more in-depth understanding and a usable skill set for specialized practice in their area of interest.

During the academic year, the SSW will also offer professional development events.


Currently scheduled to begin in June 2018, the Alumni Network Mentoring Program will bring together recent grads and alumni in mutually rewarding relationships, introducing students to BSW and MSW graduates working in a diverse range of social work careers.

How It Will Work

  • Alumni and students will sign up to participate in the mentoring program through online applications.
  • Mentors will form one-on-one connections with their mentees, providing needed resources and insight. Mentors will be able to give back to the SSW in a meaningful way and have a lasting impact on students.

As development unfolds, program details are in progress and ideas for resources are welcome. Please contact program coordinator Sarah Rudisill directly at

Field Education

Your time, experience, and guidance are among the richest investments you can make in a student’s future. Help guide a social work student on a path to career success. Become a field instructor or suggest your organization as a field agency. To learn more, contact Director of Field Education Sue Tungate at or (970) 491-4695.


Sarah Rudisill, M.S.
Distance Liaison
Center for Lifelong Learning and Outreach Education
(970) 491-7817