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Paula Yuma, MPH, PhD

Paula Yuma Assistant Professor

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Education 118
1586 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1586
(970) 491-1906

Areas of Interest: Health disparities, injury prevention, neighborhood characteristics and well-being, maternal & child health.

Grand Challenges for Social Work: Close the health gap


Dr. Paula Yuma is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social Work at Colorado State University. Prior to joining CSU, Dr. Yuma completed a post-doctoral fellowship with a dual appointment in the LBJ School of Public Affairs and the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin. Before completing her doctoral studies at the University of Texas at Austin School of Social Work, Dr. Yuma managed pediatric injury prevention programs for Dell Children's Medical Center of Austin and Children's Medical Center Dallas. She served as the chair of the Central Texas Injury Prevention Committee and as a member of the Texas Governor's EMS and Trauma Advisory Council's Injury Prevention Committee. Dr. Yuma holds a master's degree in public health from the Texas A&M Health Science Center’s School of Public Health.

Dr. Yuma studies the effects of environmental, economic, and social characteristics of neighborhoods on the health and well-being of individuals. Her dissertation examining the effects of community characteristics on physical activity in mothers and children received the Outstanding Dissertation Award at the University of Texas in 2015. Currently, she is working with the North Austin community and the Austin Police Department on a community revitalization initiative known as Restore Rundberg. She has published most recently in the journal Pediatrics and the Journal of Trauma and Critical Care Surgery. Dr. Yuma has teaching experience in the areas of research methods and theory, and enjoys taking social work students into the community for service-learning.

Degree Information

Doctor of Philosophy, 2014, Social Work, The University of Texas at Austin
Master of Public Health, 2003, Social and Behavioral Science, Texas A&M University Health Science Center School of Public Health

Academic Appointments

August 2017 – present: One Health Fellow, Colorado State University
August 2016 - present: Assistant Professor, Colorado School of Public Health
August 2015 - present: Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Colorado State University
August 2014 - August 2015: Post-Doctoral Fellow, Adjunct Faculty, School of Social Work, University of Texas at Austin

Professional post–baccalaureate and post–master’s social work experience

Spring 2012 - Spring 2015: Adjunct Faculty / Assistant Instructor, Research Methods, The University of Texas at Austin
July 2006 - October 2011: Injury Prevention Program Manager, Trauma Service, Dell Children's Medical Center, Austin, Texas
June 2004 - July 2006: Injury Prevention Program Manager, Children’s Medical Center Dallas, Dallas, Texas

Current professional, academic, community-related, and scientific memberships

Reviewer, American Journal of Public Health
Reviewer, Health Promotion Practice
Reviewer, Health and Society
Reviewer, Health and Social Work
Member, National Association of Social Workers (NASW)
Member, American Public Health Association (APHA)
Member, Society for the Advancement of Violence and Injury Research (SAVIR)

Special awards, fellowships, grants, and other recognitions received during the last 3 years

Quasi-Experimental Evaluation of the Resilience and Coping for the Healthcare Community Workshop, Post-Hurricanes Harvey & Maria (2018-19), Funder: Americares Foundation Amount: $127,000, Role: Co-PI, PI: Tara Leytham-Powell, Co-PI: Jennifer Scott

Rural and Sub-Urban Perspectives on Access to Care in Colorado (2018-19), Funder: CSU Office of Engagement – Extension and the CSU School of Social Work, Amount: $10,000, Role: PI, Co-PI: Rebecca Orsi

Latinx Families Outdoors-FoCo (2018-19), Funder: Colorado Health Foundation, Amount: $98,000, Role: PI, Co-Is: Doreen Martinez, Dan Graham, Rebecca Orsi, Community Partners: Boys & Girls Club of Larimer County, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department

Community-based Approaches to Accidental Medication Ingestion Prevention (2018), Funder: Safe Kids Worldwide, Amount: $22,000, Role: PI

Does Access to Care Protect Children at Risk for Maltreatment? An Ecological Study of United States Counties across the Rural-Urban Continuum (7/2017-6/2018),Funder: Colorado School of Public Health, Amount: $18,345, Role: PI, Co-PI: Rebecca Orsi, Co-Is: Lorann Stallones, Anita Pena

Implementation and Evaluation of the Restore Rundberg Community Revitalization Initiative (8/15/14 to 9/31/16), Funder: Department of Justice, Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program, Amount: $1,000,000, Role: Post-Doctoral Fellow / Co-Investigator, PI: David Springer

Professional presentations presented during the last 5 years

Yuma-Guerrero, P., Orsi, R., Dunn, J., Stallones, L. and Kenyon, T. (2017). Disparities in Traumatic Injury and Access to Trauma Care in Rural Colorado. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.

Addo, R., Raven, D., Yuma-Guerrero, P., Parra, L. (2017). Positive Peer Attitudes on Substance Availability and Substance Use Intention among Native American Adolescents. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.

Yuma-Guerrero, P., Springer, D., Castro, Y., Streeter, C., Marshall, A. (2017). Perceptions of Police, Safety and Collective Efficacy in Neighborhoods Receiving Community-Oriented Policing Services. Society for Social Work Research Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

Whitt, A., Springer, D., Yuma-Guerrero, P. Reducing Crime through Restoring Community: Findings from a Police-University Partnership. Society for Social Work Research Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

Springer, D., Yuma-Guerrero, P., Marshall , A., Pitzer, K. The Process of Developing a Community-Research Partnership to Inform Community Policing and Neighborhood Revitalization. Society for Social Work Research Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA

Pitzer, K., Springer, D., Yuma-Guerrero, P. (2017). Utilizing Asset-Based Community Development within a Community-Research Partnership. Society for Social Work Research Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.

Yuma-Guerrero, P., Orsi, R., Lee, P. and Cubbin C. (2016). Twelve-Year Review of the Measurement of Socioeconomic Status in Injury Epidemiology Research. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Denver, CO.

Yuma-Guerrero, P., von Sternberg, K., Cubbin, C. (2015). The Effects of Socioeconomic Position and Neighborhood Characteristics on Mother's Engagement in Physical Activity. Society for Social Work Research Annual Meeting.

Powell, T., Yuma-Guerrero, P., Dischino, K. (2015). Supporting Community Health Workers after a Disaster: Findings from a Mixed-Methods Evaluation Study. American Public Health Association Annual Meeting.

Yuma-Guerrero, P. (2015). Finding Evidence to Inform Your Injury Prevention Practice: Easy to Access Resources You Can (Almost Always) Trust. National Safety Council Community Safety Summit.

Yuma-Guerrero, P., Rao, M., Lawson, K., Wheeler, T., Balthazar, M., Garcia, N., Cubbin, C. (2011). Mapping child pedestrian and bicycle collisions to leverage resources and investment: An integration of research and practice. Safe States Alliance and Society for Violence and Injury Research Joint Annual Meeting.

Selected Publications

Yuma-Guerrero, P., Orsi, R., Lee, P., and Cubbin, C. (2018). Measurement and analysis of socioeconomic status in injury research: A systematic review of injury studies 2002-2015. Journal of Safety Research, 64 (55-72).

Yuma-Guerrero, P., Cubbin, C. and vonSternberg, K. (2017). Neighborhood social cohesion as a mediator of neighborhood conditions on mothers’ engagement in physical activity: Results from the Geographic Research on Wellbeing Study. Health Education & Behavior Published online January 31, 2017.

Powell, T. and Yuma-Guerrero, P. (2016) Supporting healthcare workers after a disaster: Results of a mixed methods evaluation study. Journal of Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness. Published online June 28, 2016, (1-8).

Duzinski, S. V., Yuma-Guerrero, P., Fung, A., Brown, J. M., Wheeler, T. W., Barczyk, A. N., Lawson, K. A. (2013). Sleep Behaviors of Infants and Young Children: Associated Demographic and Cultural Characteristics among Hispanic Teen Mothers. Journal of Trauma Nursing, 20(4) 189-198.

Barczyk, A., Yuma-Guerrero, P., von Sternberg, K., Velasquez, M. M., Brown, J., Maxson, T., & Lawson, K. (2013). Risky drinking among parents of pediatric trauma patients. Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery, 74(4), 676-681.

Yuma-Guerrero, P., Duzinski, S., Brown, J., Wheeler, T., Barczyk, A., & Lawson, K. (2013). Perceptions of injury and prevention practices among pregnant and parenting teenagers. Journal of Trauma Nursing, 20(1), 3-9.

Yuma-Guerrero, P. J., Lawson, K. A., Velasquez, M. M., von Sternberg, K., Maxson, T., & Garcia, N. (2012). Screening, brief intervention, and referral for alcohol use in adolescents: a systematic review. Pediatrics, 130(1), 115-122.