Field Education

B.S.W. SOWK 488 Overview

The BSW field program is designed to provide our students with the opportunity to apply theories and practice skills learned in the classroom to a direct practice experience in our approved social work field agencies. Students are challenged with learning assignments that aim at increasing their skill level to that of a professional generalist social worker, one who can work competently with individuals, families, groups, and communities at the foundation level of social work practice.

Types of Placements

The areas of social work listed below link to videos and information about the different types of field placements available to BSW interns. In order to complete the field application, BSW students should research different areas of social work and populations of interest. The information and videos have been designed as a starting point from which BSW students can research more in-depth information on their own. Please take a look to find out more about the variety of possibilities!

The BSW field program requires 450 hours of field practice. Students can chose to fulfill these hours in one semester at 28 hours per week, or in two concurrent semesters at 14 hours per week for summer and fall semesters and 19 hours per week during the summer semester.