Field Education

M.S.W. Field Placement Overview (SOWK 588/688)

Preparing students for advanced generalist practice is the focus of the field education portion of the MSW program. During field placement students work toward mastery of the foundation-level and concentration-level social work competencies and practice behaviors.

Our MSW programs, with one exception, require two field placements. The first placement, which happens during the foundation-level curriculum, requires that students complete 270 internship hours. The second placement, which requires 675 internship hours, happens during the concentration-level curriculum.

Students with a BSW from an accredited school may be admitted as advanced-standing students in the Advanced Standing MSW program. Advanced-standing students complete one field placement of 675 internship hours.

Foundation-level field placements in the full-time program span one semester, and two semesters in the part-time distance program. Concentration-level field placements span two semesters in the full-time program and up to three and half semesters in the part-time distance program, with fewer scheduled hours per week in the distance program.

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