Research and Engagement

Research and Engagement Centers and Projects

Center for Lifelong Learning and Outreach Education (CLOE)

Our current outreach educational programs include:

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Human-Animal Bond in Colorado (HABIC)

The love of a companion animal is uncomplicated and unconditional, naturally received and returned by people of all ages. It is in this spirit that Human-Animal Bond in Colorado was founded. Established in 1993 at Colorado State University's College of Health and Human Sciences - School of Social Work, HABIC is a program that effectively uses the powerful human-animal bond in therapeutic settings.

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Social Work Research Center (SWRC)

The purpose of the Social Work Research Center is to study social work interventions in areas such as child welfare and juvenile delinquency, while promoting evidence-based research, practice, and policy. The SWRC provides research and program evaluation services to child welfare agencies, human services providers, governmental entities, and community groups. SWRC also collaborates with social work faculty and other interdisciplinary programs across the university on research and evaluation initiatives. The goals of SWRC are to conduct applied research to bridge the gap between theory and practice in social work and disseminate research on best practices to social service organizations and child welfare agencies through publications, conferences, and training venues.

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