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Advanced Clinical Behavioral Health

Announcing the School of Social Work Certificate in Advanced Clinical Behavioral Health

The purpose of this certificate is to provide MSW students, social work professionals, and eligible individuals from other disciplines with specialized training in Advanced Clinical Behavioral Health. This certificate will help prepare students for the state License of Clinical Social Work testing, or equivalent professional development and testing, provide ongoing training, and a specialized training in psychopathology, psychopharmacology, and trauma informed care.

The courses offered within this certificate include:

  • SOWK 675: Psychopathology and Community Health (Summer)
  • SOWK 676: Psychopharmacology and Community Health (Fall)
  • SOWK 677: Trauma Informed Care (Spring)

Prerequisites: Students must have evidence of an official undergraduate baccalaureate or equivalent degree to enroll in a Graduate Certificate Program.

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SOWK 675 - Psychopathology and Community Health

This is an online course is designed to provide social work students and practitioners with extensive knowledge of the major forms of emotional disorders. Students will develop competence in diagnosis by mastering the currently accepted diagnostic code. The methods of diagnosis will be examined through the perspective of social work theory, values, and ethics.

SOWK 676 - Pscyhopharmacology and Community Health

This is an online course that provides a foundation in psychopharmacology for non-medically trained helping professionals practicing in the field of behavioral health. The course will meet for two weekends with the remaining content being delivered online.

SOWK 677 - Trauma Informed Care

This course will introduce the student to the concept of trauma-informed care and provide the fundamental background information including understanding trauma, understanding the trauma survivor, understanding trauma services, understanding the service relationship, and understanding the caregiver.

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  • Apply before beginning your third course – or at any time beforehand
  • $60 fee

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