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Conflict Resolution and Mediation Certificate


The Conflict Resolution and Mediation Certificate is offered collaboratively by the School of Social Work and CSU Online. This program is designed to teach students conflict resolution skills that can be used in a variety of settings. Students gain communication, negotiation, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills that are transferable to a variety of fields and will enhance and advance any career. Due to the nature of interpersonal conflicts, the skills of mediation also enhance teamwork and collaboration in everyday life.

Many students who enroll in this program are interested in developing skills to better solve conflicts they find themselves needing to mitigate in their work, such as managers dealing with disputing employees or social service providers managing disagreements within client systems. Some learners may seek this training to foster healthy resolution to conflicts they find themselves in. Yet others are interested in providing formal conflict resolution to people in the process of a divorce. Regardless of what interests bring particular students to this program, the skills learned in these courses are applicable to countless professional and personal situations.

Requirements and Curriculum

To earn the Conflict Resolution and Mediation Certificate, students are required to successfully complete three courses from our program for credit. Students may enroll in fewer courses if they do not wish to complete the certificate. There is no application process to take any of the conflict resolution and mediation courses, but students must have completed a bachelor’s level degree or receive an override from the instructor before registering.

Additionally, SOWK 551: Fundamentals of Mediation is a prerequisite for all other courses in the program. Please contact the distance liaison for more information.

Once the prerequisites (bachelor’s degree and SOWK 551: Fundamentals of Mediation) are met, students can choose from the following specialty courses:

  • SOWK 552: Conflict Management: Health and Elder Care
  • SOWK 553: Multiparty Conflict Resolution
  • SOWK 554: Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
  • SOWK 556: Divorce and Family Mediation

More Information and Registration

To register, please visit the Conflict Resolution and Mediation Certificate page on the CSU Online website.

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Contact: Sarah Rudisill

Distance Liaison for the Center for Lifelong Learning and Outreach Education, at (970) 491-7817 or